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 This channel agnostic, cutting-edge technology scrutinizes video content, extracting valuable, contextually rich metadata to craft actionable ‘moments’ within the videos serving as opportunities for advertisers to foster stronger connections with consumers, ultimately translating into quantifiable business successes.



Precision-Targeted Advertising

With Source, advertisers can tap into the heart of video content, connecting with consumers in moments that truly matter. Our patented SourceSync.ioTM platform ensures your ads resonate, creating meaningful and lasting impressions.

Advanced Video Analysis

Our cutting-edge technology delves deep into video content, extracting contextually rich metadata. This allows us to identify 'moments' that are ripe for advertising, ensuring your message is delivered at the perfect time.

Custom Advertising Experiences, anywhere.

From online streams to TV broadcasts, our platform seamlessly integrates across all channels. Wherever your audience is, we ensure your ads reach them.

Want to create custom functions?

You’ve got it. Reach out to the Source team today so start building your very own digital advertising experience.

Immediate Call-to-Action

Stand out with unique, contextually targeted inventory. No more generic ads; only relevant messages that captivate.

Realtime Engagement

Understand your ad’s performance with in-depth analytics. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

Multi-Engagement Platform

With, advertisers have the power to foster genuine connections with consumers, driving brand loyalty and ensuring quantifiable business success.

Analyze & Apply

Gain access to actionable data and performance insights to inform continued impactful, context-aware ads and maximized ROI.

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